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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Never be friendzoned ever again 1

So recently I was reading an e-book I had just downloaded...before I go any further, let me just say something about reading, I believe knowledge beget knowledge...p.s. that's an original quote, so no free quoting without my name following the quote, lol. Anyways, there's nothing like enough reading enough, reading a material always leads to reading something else which also leads to reading something else blablabla...So how I was just randomly reading some stuff on the Internet when I stumbled on this article by Jordan Harbinger to get dates with women, all in all very good stuff, but there's one thing that stuck to my eyes, Never be friendzoned again and getting out of the friendzone. I call it the dirty dream technique...I'll fully talk about in our next post

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reviving from a heart break

So I was minding my own business jejely when one of my hommies entered my room and started balling his eyes out. A girl he liked ignored him and had gotten a boyfriend. He kept on saying that really loved this girl,he can die for her bla bla bla...I was feeling kinda sorry for him...but after of him wailing and crying for a hour, I kept on wondering why he was telling me all this story and why he didn't tell the girl himself...
  #moral lesson 1- Most people complain to the people that don't matter. p.s. i',m not dissing anyone ooo. What i'm saying is that people complain to people that cannot do anything about the matter. For example,(kani pe, lol)let's say you don't like the way a persons behaves around you, going home to gossip and insult the person with your friends isn't going to change how to person acts. You have to go and meet the person you have a problem with in order to solve the person. He could have told the girl all that, but no, he did what an average person will do, complain to someone that cannot solve the problem. (Editor's note) Guys who gossip and insult people in their rooms are no longer to be referred to as men, they are to be forever confined to Association of International Gay Ass Wimps.

   So back to the rommie was around and he was laughing at my friend. When i asked him why he was laughing, he said that my friend is doing like a girl, that he(my roommate) 'can never love up to a girl', that he'll just do what he wants with the girl with no feelings attached, those were his exact words...
  #moral lesson 2 - Some guys think that being a man means that you have to be like a rock, you're not allowed to show emotions and feelings. Now this a very sad development. Most men learnt as children that we are not supposed to cry or show emotions as we are to be the head of the house and show strength etc. Other guys take it as a form of badassity not to get attached to any female,just going through women like a pack of cards. Men are human beings and human beings are made to express emotions. It's okay to show emotion once in a while. NOTE: I'm not saying that you should turn to mumu gay niggas ooo, that'll just end the male race...The most important thing is to balance both, being too bottled up is terrible, being mushy is worse, but being in the middle is fabulous...the point between rage and serenity (that's me on some Xavier wisdom).

  Anyways, my friend became a playboy after the incident, his reason was that girls are evil and they broke his heart and for that he'll break as many female hearts as he could and all that retarded shii guys say after being heart-broken...
   #moral lesson 3- Humans are evil, not just girls. Some girls also go through the sane thing and say that it's guys that are evil. Who then is right? No one!..(well, except me) You cannot categorize people's behaviour according to their sex. People that do stuff to other people because it was done to them before are simply retarded. If someone should kill your friend because someone else killed his family member, Is it justifiable? Think about it....Not that i have anything against playboys, I'm even considered something of a playboy in some parts, I think the world would be boring without playboys, so carry on wrecking havoc on foolish girls' hearts. You have my blessing ( see them, gossiping again like women in mississippi, asking who I am that I am giving blessings. P.s. see what i did there? No? Crap...
  Is this story real? say wait..calm down...i  can already see some of you planning to burn me on a stake for wasting your time. It's not a total waste, at least you got moral lessons, 3 for crying out loud...that's more than what some people get throughout their life time, so yeah, you can show your gratitude and worship then, till next posts...

 Please share with your friends and family to save a life out there. Toinx.

Friday, January 30, 2015

What next??

Happy New Year, me peeps...remember my last post when i promised to be more frequent with posts??? Yeah, sorry for the disappointment. I was robbed 4 days after i got most of my gadgets . All my devices are gone *breaks down again, makes dying whale sound*  Didn't even get to enjoy them for a week...but that's beside the point...I'm back (at least partially *still recovering from the traumatic experience).....What!!!?? Do you i hear some of you laughing and muttering about the writer of a men's blog going through trauma...Yelzzz...I'm can faint if you want to...There's something supernatural about someone robbing you off the devices you've been planning to get over a year...Your eye's will open to the evul (yeah, evul) in the world. I see everyone now as a potential robber.Call me paranoid... you're not the the one going through this....atink that's enough whining for today...I'm not actually that heart(*insert hyphen here...can't find it on my keyboard...What!!?? Why are you sniggering....slence, i kill you {Achmed's voice})broken. Just didn't know how to start this post...brainstorming next!? *clears throat* dazall.                                                                                                                                                     p.s. If i hear anyone mentioning how old that last part is, i will, ehnehn...let's just leave it like that.

   Feel free to tell of your traumatizing experiences...or daring escapades in the comment bobo ooo...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Back in business

Happy New Year!!! lol. Been a really long time since I was able to post on this blog. We are really really sorry. I've been extremely busy this past few months, but I know that is no reason to neglect my lovely fans. I see some people raising their noses at this last statement, asif me too I'm not also extremely busy, mtchhheeeewwww....Yeah I know, I'm a Nigerian. Please accept our apologies. We are now back in full-time, check regularly for more of your dating and fashion tips....adios.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Whether you’re freshly divorced and just dipping your toes back into the singles pool, or if you’ve been wading in the deep end for years brandishing your career bachelor moniker, you’d likely be intrigued by a list purporting to lead you by the nose to the best cyber meat markets that $34.99 can buy. You wouldn’t be alone. I count myself in the first category -- I’ve recently found myself single after the end of a six-year marriage in which the sexual intimacy had ended about five years earlier. After a fair share of due diligence and a rather large leap of faith, I threw caution to the wind and threw down $35 toward a membership on one of the list’s featured sites. I got exactly what I bargained for, and failed in my quest to find the golden honey pot at the end of the proverbial rainbow. I’m not easily deterred, however, and I refused to believe that cyber-sexual bliss did not exist. After all, how could all these sites stay in business if they are nothing more than scams? Phony profiles, sketchy emails and failed promises of casual encounters confirmed my skepticism and raised my curiosity. So I set out on a quest to learn the truth about who’s who in the hookup website business, and took the reins on a comprehensive review. Turns out, there is a pretty wide range of options out there, most of which look very different from one another (compare Adult Friend Finder and, for example). I learned that, as with most things in life, there is some good, some bad and certainly some ugly. What follows are the results of that review, complete with rankings that should help guide you on your own journey toward cyber-sexual bliss. Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. Mens Manual does not take any responsibility for the quality of these sites or the experiences you may have on them. Proceed at your own risk.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014


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